Kerry Ross Boren & Lisa Lee Boren

Writer Kerry Ross Boren specializes in European, Medieval, Renaissance, Ancient history, and Western Lore.  He has authored numerous books and published articles in numerous periodicals, including the Chicago Tribune, National Geographic, True West, Frontier Times, Treasure, American History Illustrated, and many more.  He has contributed much of his work to the great Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, France.


He is the founder of many associations, including The National Center and Association for Outlaw and Lawman History (NOLA) and Western Historical Research Associates. He was the  recipient of the 1976 Bicentennial Award from Cambridge  University for his contribution to research on The Battle of King’s Mountain.  As a motion picture consultant, he has worked on many films, I including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jeremiah Johnson, Seven Alone, and Against a Crooked Sky. He assisted Alex Haley with Research on his books Roots and Queen.


           However, while his love of western lore

             has guided him throughout his career,

             his writing efforts have become              diversified.



Kerry is currently working on an esoteric book that shall test his mettle as a writer and has the potential to be an explosive exposé where the historical representation of religion and secret societies are concerned.


Lisa Lee Boren joined Kerry with his research, writing, and publication efforts in 1986. An outstanding researcher and writer in her own right, she has contributed to every major work published since the 1990s.  Lisa is the webmaster for K & L Boren Partnership, marketing director, designer, researcher, and consultant. She formats all books published by K & L Boren Partnership.


As writers and self-publishers, it is both amazing and difficult to see hardbound and printed books become somewhat passé with the incredible technology that our times have brought forth. However, while we know many true book lovers, like ourselves, will always want that special feeling of holding a solid book in one’s hands, or to pick up an old book just to re-read it for nastalgic purposes, or enter a library and crawl through book shelves looking for that rare of rare books that when opened brings that sweet and unmistakable musty aroma of dust and age, we must also acknowledge the need to satisfy those peoples who love their Kindle Fires, Nook’s, and Ipads. With this in mind, there will be a number of books that will be published as e-books.