Prison Cartoons & Anecdotes

"Prisoons: Prison Cartoons and Anecdotes" is written by Curtis MCarthy who had a lengthy and prolific career in law enforcement. Curtis served more than 30 years in corrections and now in retirement, he has authored his first book. He has traveled the world, visiting prisons in numerous states and foreign countries. In his retirement he has written an account of his years employed at the Utah State Prison, utilizing his unique perspective to create a definitive work from a unique point of view, embellished with cartoons, most of which were drawn by prison inmates. His book, PRISOONS, is a blend of original artwork and anecdotes, giving an insight into prison life that the layman seldom sees. He has opted to present the prison cartoons and anecdotes in original form, some with risqué prison humor or pathos.  Whether you are a member of law enforcement, corrections, an inmate or former inmate, or simply a curious reader, this book is an enjoyable walk through prison life from a perspective never before published. The book is printed on high quality glossy paper with color and black-and-white images. A must read for every bookshelf!














Prisoons: Prison Cartoons & Anecdotes

New author

Curtis McCarthy