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Butch Cassidy has hit the market. Reader’s everywhere who love western lore will find many rare and never before seen photographs, a complete list of individuals who knew and attested to the return of Butch Cassidy from his supposed grave in Argentina. Read about his life, his friends, his loves, and his infamous escapes with the likes of the Sundance Kid, Etta Place, Kid Curry, and many more fringe members of the Wild Bunch. 

BUTCH CASSIDY: The Untold Story


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Kerry Ross Boren, a descendant of Bazel Boren, the renowned Long Hunter and hero of the Battle of King’s Mountain, has compiled a definitive history and genealogy of this particular branch of the Boren family.  The book includes the history of the Irish origin of the Boren clan, and defines the genealogy from the immigrant ancestor to the present day, and includes a great deal of history on the various branches and individuals of this remarkable family.


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It all began in the mid-1800s when Ute chief Walkara bagged up sixty pounds of raw gold for Mormon bishop Isaac Morley who turned it over to Brigham Young, President of the Mormon church. Young assigned Thomas Rhoades under a blood oath of secrecy to fetch more of the sacred metal. Follow the trails from Mexico to Northeastern Utah in search of Aztec gold.      


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The Ark of the Covenant is the greatest treasure the world has ever known, and the oldest sacred relic in the religious iconography of the Hebrews. It is also the most revered religious relic in the Egyptian pantheon of gods. It is the least understood object of worship...and it is missing. Come explore the possibilities of its Utah connection.


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With the release of The Utah Gold Rush, the search for the famous Lost Rhoades Mines is narrowed to a few square miles of real estate due east of Kamas, Utah. Follow early prospectors in their search for Montezuma’s vast treasure.


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Thirty plus years in the making, The Widow’s Son is one man’s journey through the Esoteric symbolism and history of the Origin of the Mormon Church. Once a documents procurer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, author Kerry Ross Boren set out to discover the truth about his own genealogy through the Prophet Joseph Smith and Smith’s fascinating secret life and teachings. The Widow’s Son is heavily footnoted so that readers have the opportunity to discover the truth for themselves and to question all things. Originally published in 1997 of 110 limited copies; the book has once more become available in hard cover and is available through the authors.

THE WIDOW’S SON: The Esoteric History of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Origin of Mormonism

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