The Boren Family:

An Irish History





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Note: Due to on-going demand, we are considering a reprint. In October 2012, we were able to locate the site of Bazel Boren’s fort in Virginia. This, as well as other information and new photos would be included in an updated printing. This might entail pre-ordering for interested researchers and Boren family members, until we acquire the funds to print the books. Please check back for further information or contact us.

Kerry Ross Boren, a descendant of Bazel Boren, the renowned Long Hunter and hero of the Battle of King’s Mountain, has compiled a definitive history and genealogy of this particular branch of the Boren family.  The book includes the history of the Irish origin of the Boren clan, and defines the genealogy from the immigrant ancestor to the present day, and includes a great deal of history on the various branches and individuals of this remarkable family. It is replete with documents, photos, and citations of original records, together with personal family accounts and numerous clues to help various branches of the family to complete their records.

This is not a dry history nor a mundane genealogy, but is written in an entertaining and informative style which makes for an interesting account for Boren family members and casual readers alike. It has long been projected that the Boren family of America derives from German, Swiss, Argentinean, Swedish, English, or other nationalities. This book at long last presents the true etymology of the Boren surname and its Irish roots. In addition, it dispels the myth that Bazel Boren was a descendant of the John Boreing of Baltimore, Maryland, or of the Currituck County, North Carolina “Bourens”.  The revelation is disclosed of a new and heretofore hidden branch of the family related to both the Baltimore and Currituck families.

Those who are familiar with Kerry’s articles for various historical and genealogical publications such as the journals of The Southwest Virginia Historical Society and the Washington County, Virginia Historical Society, will be familiar with the original information that the author possesses on this elusive branch of the Boren family. The book will be a welcome addition to the archives of the numerous Boren descendants who are attempting to solve the puzzle of the Boren origins.